Lake City, AR

Seeking to finish developing a custom Christian search engine to benefit Christians in every day life and not just church life.

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Lewisville, TX

On Friday, July 12th we received heartbreaking news that didn’t seem possible.  Chris passed suddenly and unexpectedly from this life into eternity. We know that he is with our God in heaven and we >>>

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Sherman, TX

Bobbie Jacobson McDonald and I grew up together in Van Alstyne, TX. She has three beautiful daughters--Elizabeth (age 17), Joanna (age 14), and Crystal (age 11). Bobbie was married for 20 years but >>>

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Flower Mound, TX is crowdfunding platform for followers of Jesus who are seeking to help others by sharing some of the resources that God has entrusted to them. was established to be plac >>>
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Denton, TX

Update - 12/30/18

We visited the doctor last week after the latest PET scan and he said the results were even better than the last time. He said the mass where the tumor was continue >>>

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Lockport, IL

This book promotes an evidence-based Bible study method that encourages readers of the scriptures to heed the counsel in God's word when we are seeking to determine what is true on biblical issues. >>>

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Lockport, IL

We are in need of assistance in re-printing of the Bible Study book.

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

www.thedis >>>

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Sheldon, IA

Village Northwest Unlimited will be hosting the 12th annual benefit Run, Walk & Roll event. Races will include a 5K run, 10K run and a 1 mile walk/roll. The 1 mile walk will be wheelchair accessibl >>>

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Justin, TX

Ever since I was young, I was always different than the rest of my family. My mom was a coach of multiple sports, most notably softball, and my dad worked in facilities for a credit union but had h >>>

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