How It Works

Crowdfunding on enables the followers of Jesus to come together on the web in an effort to honor God with their resources. There are plenty of sites where people can raise funds for everything from personal needs and dreams to starting a business. However, this is intended to be a place where member of the body of Christ can help one another and they can honor the name of Jesus in their efforts to bless others by sharing some of the resources God has given to them. read more...

1. Create An Account

You can create an account using your Facebook login (recommended) or by using your email address.

2. Launch Campaign

All it takes if four easy steps to launch, so jump in and get started! This is your opportunity to tell people about your goal or your cause. Be enthusiastic and your donors will be too. If they feel good about your campaign, they will be more likely to contribute.

3. Spread the word

Tell others about your campaign. Let your family and friends know about it and share it with your social network and those on your email list. Sending tweets, texts, or emails and making posts so others can learn about your campaign will be key to making sure your fundraising effort succeeds.

4. Promote

Stay active! Your crowdfunding campaign will need care and attention or it will fade away. Think of ways you can keep people visiting your page. Get creative with ways you can let others know about your campaign. People cannot contribute if they do not know about your effort. So look for every opportunity to share the link to your campaign with others.

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