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General Questions offers followers of Jesus a crowdfunding platform that can be used to raise money for or to donate money to projects and people that honor God. From individual needs or goals to ministry outreach or community service projects, this site is here to benefit the body of Christ.

Here someone who needs to raise funds can let the community of believers know about their project, so others who share their value can help them to achieve their goal.

There is a need for a crowdfunding platform that believers can rely on when they are seeking to help others by sharing some of the resources God has entrusted to them. This need became clear when a popular fundraising site took down the successful campaign that raising funds to help Mellissa and Arron Kline. As followers of Jesus, they were forced to close their cake business after they exercised their constitutional right to free exercise of religion and refused to make a cake to celebrate an event that was contrary to scripture. Then, when a crowdfunding effort was set up to help them, the site where it was posted took down that fundraising page. (Read the article)

InHisSteps is a site where people can join together in an effort to meet the needs of others with a focus honoring God while they do so. This platform can help believers in Jesus to realize their ideas and dreams while bringing together the body of Christ in the process.

It is easy. Just four simple steps:

  1. Create an account (or sign in if you already have one)
  2. Set a funding goal and create a title for your campaign
  3. Describe the campaign, why the funds are needed, etc.
  4. Spread the word by sharing your campaign with friends

Any follower of Jesus, no matter where they live or worship is welcome to host a fundraising page on project on so long as it benefits members of the body of Christ or it helps those who are not followers of Jesus to be drawn to him.

Campaign Owners

No, it is free. Once your campaign is up and running, all of the funds that are received will go to you except for a 3% fee to and your credit card processing fees.

While one does not have to provide incentives or rewards, you are welcome to do so. If a campaign is raising funds for medical expenses, a reward is not expected. However, in other cases, such as an author offering to send donors a copy of the Bible study book that will be printed with the funds, it is perfectly appropriate. Ask the Lord what he would have you to do, and if you elect to offer a reward then be sure to periodically update your donors as to the status of the promised incentive.

The campaigns are set up to run for 90 days.

Typically, funds are immediately available through your account.

While a video is not required, a good video will contribute to the success of your campaign. We are a visual society and anyone who has a mobile phone is able to shoot a video clip. You do not need to worry about making it fancy, just tell donors what moved you to launch your campaign and help them to identify with the need you are looking to meet.

Yes. After you have launched your campaign you have the freedom to change the description of your campaign, frequently asked questions, incentives or rewards, pictures or video, and more. However, after a campaign is live, you cannot change the funding goal, the end date, or rewards that have been promised for donations that have already been received. is a place where the followers of Jesus can come together on the web in an effort to honor God by helping to meet the needs of fellow believers. There are plenty of fundraising sites that allow people to raise funds for everything from personal needs to starting a business. However, this site is intended to be a place where believers in Jesus who are seeking to be good stewards of the resources God has given to them can help to meet the needs of those who are in the body of Christ.

Campaign Backers


Owner of the campaign keep all monies they raise. If you would like details regarding how the funds will be used, then please contact the campaign owner directly by posting a note in the "comments" section of their campaign page.

Some campaigns offer incentives or rewards as a way to thank those who help support them. Every campaign is different and each campaign owner decides what to give away, it anything. However, if you contribute to a campaign that does not offer a reward, you will still have the pleasure of knowing that your gift helped to bless someone else.

A contribution may be tax-deductible if the owner of the campaign is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization. But you should consult your tax advisor before claiming a deduction for any contribution.

When you donate to a campaign you will receive an email confirming the details of your gift. If you are entitled to a reward, after a campaign ends the owner of the campaign will get in touch with you to coordinate the delivery of any reward.

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