Scripturally Honoring My Mother

"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you. " (Exodus 20:12 ESV)

My name is Pastor Timothy Walker, and I need to raise funds to care for Cora Belle Walker, my Mother.

I haven't always been a Pastor, nor have I always honored my Mother and Father, but he is long passed, and she needs me NOW. I can help; all that is needed are the funds to do so.

My Mother is 89 years old, lives alone, and has been diagnosed with early onset Dementia. If she does not show improvement in 4-6 months, or have assistance living with her, she will be forced into a nursing home against her will. What sort of son would I be to leave her in that situation, when we can help?

When I say 'we', I mean myself, my wife Carol, and our 27 year old special needs child, Myles. We can care for her, see that she eats properly & exercises, and is able to once again attend church, which she misses terribly.

The problem? My family and I have zero funds to make the move. Contrary to popular opinion, Pastors are not generally wealthy. I have personally been disabled since May of 2013, but I would still able to drive and help my Mother do her running around and errands. Basically, we want to get her out of the house and socializing again, while helping restore her health to an acceptable level for a woman of 89 years.

Unfortunately, there are legal expenses involved in provision for her care, namely securing a revocable trust, so she remains in control of her home and assets.

The funds are needed within the next two months to effect the necessary legal changes to protect her home and assets. We wouldn't and can't live off of my Mother's finances, as they are quite limited. Also, as mentioned previously, I am disabled and unable to work. The goal is to take care of all of this without her having to somehow provide  for it.

My Mother is old; I am no spring chicken (57 - the family picture is an old one).  Now I get to pay back in some small part my parents love, concern, and care for me, by caring for my Mother when she needs me.  I know you can truly understand the value of family, and the desire of a son to serve his Mother in her later years, and can help make that possible. Thank you for all that you can do to help us.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Timothy Walker

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