Farmer Punished for Biblical Values

Steve and Bridget Tennes own a farm in Charlotte, Michigan. When Steve said they not do same-sex weddings on the farm on their FaceBook page, a city official in East Lansing more than 20 miles away warned them if they came to sell their fruit at the city’s farmers market, it could incite protests. No one showed up to protest that August day last summer, though, and Tennes continued selling organic apples, peaches, cherries, and pumpkins at the seasonal market until October, as he had done the six previous years.

Nevertheless, the political bullies in East Lansing banned Tennes’ farm, the Country Mill, from participating in the farmers market when it resumes. The city cited its human relations ordinance, an anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation. So, Steve and his wife sued the city for religious discrimination.

Steve is a Marine veteran and Bridget is an Army veteran. Steve said, “My wife Bridget and I volunteered to serve our country in the military to protect freedom, and that is why we feel we have to fight for freedom now.”

The funds will help to diminish the impact the loss of income from the Farmer’s Market has had on the the Tennes’ farm business. 

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