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Lots of people will never know what it's like to lose everything for the sake of the Gospel, but there are millions who do. Daily, they are persecuted solely for their faith in Christ. In many countries those who convert to faith in Christ are ostracized, beaten, and stripped of everything they own. Some family members are even killed. Help The Persecuted was established to respond to these urgent physical, financial, and spiritual needs.

Help The Persecuted completes a holistic Gospel outreach to areas of the world where living out the Christian faith is dangerous—even illegal. This work follows-up on the international ministry broadcasts and personal on-the-ground outreach and we have expanded from focusing solely on individual listener and viewer assistance to addressing the overwhelming needs of Christians facing persecution from radical Islamic groups like ISIS.

Your gift to HELP THE PERSECUTED helps provide for and encourage persecuted Christians—addressing their immediate physical needs and assuring them that they do not stand alone.

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