Uphold 91 yr old minister

While we will continue to work toward securing payments from Norman's long term care policy, we are seeking assistance so they can remain at the assisted living facility where they continue to minister to people: Norman through greeting and visiting fellow residents, and Eleanor by waving at fellow residents and flashing a dazzling smile when they greet her. In addition, assistance will give them the benefits of activities and interaction with people, and will allow continued care to keep Norman orientated and to assist in Eleanor's slow stroke recovery. 

They thought they planned well for the future, including paying for 2 long term care policies for many years.  Norman's long term care policy does not consider his deficits strong enough to begin to pay for care.

Norman and Eleanor Dahle spent their lifetime in service to others and the church.  At 91 and 87, they still minister to others in their assisted living facility.    3 ½ years ago Eleanor had a severe stroke, which has required extensive care.  This spring Eleanor suffered a broken femur and Norman had surgery for colon cancer.  Norman has short term memory issues which make it impossible for him to manage their care or many aspects of day to day life. They have exhausted their resources.     

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Father, you promise that you care for each of us.  Be with this couple. Meet their needs, and guide their actions.  May they continue to be witnesses to your awesome love.

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