The F.L.A.G. Program

The F.L.A.G. Program was created to instill pride and respect among students towards the United States Flag and State Flag. Students will be held accountable for the proper Flying, Lowering, And Gathering of the United States and State Flag during the school year. Students who participate in this program receive a Citizenship Award presented by the sponsors of the F.L.A.G. Program.

This will be the model for school districts to duplicate and emulate. Student volunteers will be taught the proper procedures of the F.L.A.G. Program, and will be scheduled to perform this duty throughout the school year.

How it started: In 2010, Jim Rodriguez was taking his daughter to school in the morning and day after day, as Jim dropped his daughter off, he could not help but notice the American flag being raised in a manner not befitting this national treasure. The employee who had been assigned the task was doing his duties to the best of his knowledge and ability. He casually rolled up the flag and carried it under his arm before securing it to the flag pole to be raised for the day. No one noticed, and no one paused to pay their respect. It had become just a daily routine.

As an Air Force veteran, Jim couldn't help but shudder. So he took action. He called the principal of the school and proposed an idea to engage the students in restoring the tradition, teaching them the history, etiquette and proper protocol surrounding the American flag. He enlisted the services of Staff Sergeant Jose Rivera, a United States Army Recruiter, and together they launched the first class of the F.L.A.G. Program. The support they received from Waxahachie I.S.D. and the school's student council and administrative staff helped to bring this dream to reality.

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