Book of Acts Church Planting

This Campaign is to raise funds for a home church plant. We are John and Joy and we are missionaries. God has given us a world-wide vision to have home groups all over the globe. But all of that starts in one place. 

The place that God has chosen for us to begin is in Naples, FL. Before the pandemic, we were going wherever God opened the door. Now the time has come for us to start planting these home churches and it will begin there. 

The goal of this campaign is to raise funds to go and rent a place and open it up for home church.  We are working from the blueprint that God laid out in the Books of Acts and Corinthians. The goal is to have a functional home church that will serve as the flagship and then once it is up and running, we will begin to add more and more groups in other cities that God directs us to. 

All of this is being done by specific and intentional plans from Holy Spirit. We were in Naples on another mission and we did much prayer and prevailed in the Spirit for that city. The mandate for Naples has been given to us. It has already been taken in the spirit...we just have to go in and possess the land. 

As we began to do research on beginning this plan, the Lord impressed upon us to read Acts. We noted that it doesn't look nearly like the modern church; we also noticed that entire cities were being reaped by the book of Acts church. The Lord said that the reason we don't see the same results today is that we are not doing the blueprint that HE made in the Word!

By supporting us, you have the unique opportunity to help cast the net to reach entire cities for the Lord. You have the opportunity to help us make church history as the Lord told us that this city will become a beacon and that the pattern will be made for others to copy. 

If you feel the Lord stirring your heart to give or if you want to open your home, please do so as the Lord leads you and consider giving one-time or a monthly sponsorship to partner with us. May God richly bless you as you obey His prompting. 

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