Three girls have been working very hard to obtain a home. The issue arises when their identity of having a disability comes out. Kaitlyn has a great credit score. She has managed three or more lines of credit for several years, Harley was adopted nearing her 18th Birthday and has not had the benefit to gain financial status like Kaitlyn; her credit is nonexistent from never entering the credit world. Alyssa is in the same situation as an older adoption, she too has no established credit. Their income is SSI.. The three together qualify to meet income requirements. Kaitlyn carries the credit score that qualifies...but then you have a down payment. They cannot have more than $2,000 as a resource or they lose their supports, so saving for a down payment is impossible. We found Habitat for Humanities to get the down payment to their ability and they put the funds in their savings to hold their dream alive. NOW USDA is saying they need to decide if the girls signing a home note is really in their ability to understand the debt they are taking on...REALLY.... HOLD ON….We have a chance that Habitat itself will carry the note for the girls. I want to pour into their office donations/funding to show the support out there for adults with Down syndrome to be HOME OWNERS. My heart is breaking because Kaitlyn has been working on being a home owner for a few years; getting so close, so many times, to only have one more road block.....If the organization has a good amount of financial donations come in for PRINGLE GIRLS HOME, I feel the board will have no problem carrying the note for the girls. The total cost for their home is $130,000.00. They (Habitat for Humanities) have the lot here in LaBelle, they are approved from selection...WE NEED YOU!!! We need each of you who can send any amount to send it to Habitat for Humanities. Please share with anyone out there that may have the ability to help. Any grants, foundations, etc. 
Send Donations and please put into the memo: PRINGLE GIRLS HOME
Habitat for Humanity Lee and Hendry County
1288 North Tamiami Trail
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

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