Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief

This campaign has been set up for those who are moved to contribute to help the relief efforts in Houston and the surrounding areas in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. Anyone who has seen or heard a news broadcast since Houston was hit by this hurricane is aware of the huge amount of damage that occurred in Houston and the surrounding areas. This powerful hurricane, along with flooding that followed, has devastated the lives of untold numbers of people across this region.

Those who want to donate money to help the relief efforts have many organizations they could donate to, including high-profile secular groups that are not set up to give any glory or honor to God in the work that they do. However, this fundraising campaign is set up for those who would prefer to help the victims of the hurricane through an organization that is openly identified with the church of Jesus Christ.

Texas Baptist Men, Matthew 25 Ministries, Bayou City Fellowship, Samaritans Purse, and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR), are five such organizations and this campaign will allow you to designate your donation to go to any one of these organizations.

There is a high threshold on this campaign, since the damage throughout the region is so immense. But please do not hesitate to give even a small gift, as those add up and, surely every bit of your gift will be appreciated by the victims of this disaster.

Donations will provide Nonperishable Foods, Clothing, Toiletries, Feminine Hygiene Products and Baby Items

Thank you for doing whatever you can to help the families that have been hit by this disaster.

Fundraiser Updates

 September 03, 2017

Donations to the General Relief Fund will go to buy Nonperishable Food, Clothing, Toiletries, Feminine Hygiene Products and Baby Items for people in need in the Houston area and delivered by


  • C. Rios (San Antonio , TX)
  • m. huebenthal (San Antonio, TX)
  • K. Kitchen (San Antonio, TX)
  • K. Kitchen (San Antonio, TX)
  • R. Wittman (San Antonio, TX)
  • C. Wahl (San Antonio, TX)
  • J. Trejo (San Antonio , TX)
  • R. Ayala (Cotulla, TX)
  • A. Ruiz (San Antonio, TX)
  • F. Martinez (San Antonio, TX)
  • S. King (Cocoa, FL)
  • M. Barefoot (Boerne, TX)
  • B. Montemayor (San Antonio, TX)
  • L. Steward (Boerne, TX)
  • A. Bruce (College Station, TX)
  • M. Martinez (Falfurrias, TX)
  • E. Lutton (Ridgeley, WV)
  • D. Salazar (Corpus Christi, TX)
  • B. Willis (San Antonio, TX)
  • Y. Trinidad (San Antonio, TX)
  • V. Valdes (San Antonio, TX)
  • S. Redwolf (San Antonio , TX)
  • T. Blake (Flower Mound, TX)
  • A. Seeley (San Antonio, Texas)
  • C. Buckley (San Antonio, Texas)
  • J. De La Vega (Seguin, Texas)
  • M. Castro (Mesquite, Texas)
  • A. Magruder (Frisco, Texas)
  • A. Hall (Dallas, Texas)
  • D. Sunderland (San Antonio, Texas)
  • N. Luman (McKinney, Texas)
  • C. Torres (Dallas, Texas)
  • B. Hoffman (Flower Mound, Texas)
  • C. Simmons (Melissa, Texas)
  • L. Schneekloth (Rockwall, Texas)
  • A. Abundiz (Grand Prairie, Texas)
  • C. Palmer (Atoka, Oklahoma)
  • W. Smith (Dallas, Texas)
  • K. Mouch (Dallas, Texas)
  • E. Quayle (Garland, Texas)
  • R. Mireles (Carrollton, Texas)
  • D. Garcia (Grand Prairie, Texas)
  • K. Funk (Plano, Texas)
  • B. Weaver (Dallas, Texas)
  • K. Hutchens (Wylie, Texas)
  • J. Johnson (Dallas, Texas)
  • A. Mckown (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • F. Ceja (Lodi, California)
  • A. Ford (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  • J. Schwaiger (Rockwall , Texas)
  • B. Perry (Southmayd, Texas)
  • L. Gregory (Mesquite, Texas)
  • D. Willis (Minot, North Dakota)
  • K. Quintana (Arlington, Texas)
  • C. Lee (Grapevine, Texas)
  • A. Taylor (Dallas, Texas)
  • M. Sikes (Pierre Part, Louisiana)
  • C. Seifert (Euless, Texas)
  • K. Knoll (Haslet, Texas)
  • L. Reyes (Carrollton, Texas)
  • R. Bolowskie (Wylie, Texas)
  • C. Johnson (Plano, Texas)
  • S. Sloat (Dallas, Texas)
  • K. Deaton (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • A. Knerr (Houston, Texas)
  • A. Benn (Allen, Texas)
  • A. Lovely (San Antonio, Texas)
  • E. Zaruba (Plano, Texas)
  • J. Woods (Alamogordo, New Mexico)
  • K. Williams (Highland Village, Texas)
  • G. Leonard (San Antonio, Texas)
  • C. Aliaga (The Colony, Texas)
  • N. Prange (Dallas, Texas)
  • S. Kelley (Dallas, Texas)
  • L. Villegas (San Antonio, Texas)
  • R. Blackwell (Irving, Texas)
  • C. Amaro Lebron (Eagle Pass, Texas)
  • E. Ganley (Irving, Texas)
  • J. Shirley (Dallas, Texas)
  • S. Oliva (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Y. Chagollan (Garland, Texas)
  • C. Anderson (McKinney, Texas)
  • C. Posey (San Antonio, Texas)
  • A. Reese (Forney, Texas)
  • A. Perkins (Round Rock, Texas)
  • N. Garcia (San Antonio, Texas)
  • C. Dominguez (New Braunfels, Texas)
  • N. Minassian (Hickory Creek, Texas)
  • M. Vera (San Antonio, Texas)
  • T. Steele (Carrollton, Texas)
  • G. Garcia (Laredo, Texas)
  • A. Stamp (Carrollton, Texas)
  • D. Caldwell (Dallas, Texas)
  • B. Sanders (Balch Springs, Texas)
  • L. Jimenez (Dallas, Texas)
  • R. Bice (Kemp, Texas)
  • M. Erazo (San Antonio, Texas)
  • C. Hayward (Dallas, Texas)
  • L. Diaz (Mesquite, Texas)
  • T. McDonald (Coppell, Texas)
  • K. Davison (Dallas, Texas)
  • B. Shull (Denton, Texas)
  • R. Vasquez (Mesquite, Texas)
  • E. Hernandez (Dallas, Texas)
  • A. Morales (Dallas, Texas)
  • A. Buettner (Lewisville, Texas)
  • J. Roth (Euless, Texas)
  • J. Valdez (San Antonio, Texas)
  • C. Alvarado (Grand Prairie, Texas)
  • M. Bui (Hurst, Texas)
  • J. Lackore (Rowlett, Texas)
  • P. Heidari (San Antonio, Texas)
  • m. powell (Copeville, Texas)
  • S. Torres (Corpus Christi, Texas)
  • R. Stephens (Springtown , Texas)
  • A. Rivers (San Antonio, Texas)
  • P. Mendieta (Dallas, Texas)
  • H. Wilson (Dallas, Texas)
  • B. Spoon (Mesquite, Texas)
  • A. Specht (San Antonio, Texas)
  • M. Lankford (Cypress, Texas)
  • T. Huckaby (Aubrey, Texas)
  • r. brown (Frisco, Texas)
  • J. Pruit (Dallas, Texas)
  • D. Lassiter (Murphy, Texas)
  • D. Medrano (Dallas, Texas)
  • Anonymous (Denton , Texas)
  • Anonymous (Shreveport, Louisiana)

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